The success story of… Marie-Hélène Baudoux

CEO of Conformat December 2018 An audacious woman entrepreneurAfter graduating with a degree in electronic engineering and an MBA in marketing, Marie-Hélène Baudoux worked in the automotive sector for over 25 years, holding a variety of posts for the industry’s biggest players. In 2013, while she was taking stock of her career, she saw the […]

3 questions for… Odile Gérard

EMEA Customer Programs Senior Director, Oracle December 2018 What motivated you to join our European inter-company mentoring program?As part of my responsibilities in Europe and Asia, and being in charge of our Oracle Women Leadership (OWL) program for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, I promote gender equality at Oracle with a sole objective: to […]

3 questions for… Anne-Cécile Worms

Founder of ArtJaws September 2018 What made you want to develop your business in the United States?As a start-up specialized in Art Tech, I realized that the United States offered more opportunities to find investors interested in the growth of the online art market.Art history associated with new technologies has developed since the 60s on […]

3 questions for… Nolwenn Godard

Director of Pricing Product, PayPal September 2018 What made you want to settle down in San Francisco? To begin with it was the numerous business opportunities I have here. After working for Ubisoft, I joined PayPal in 2007 and was lucky to quickly climb the career ladder which has been really enriching. At the same time, […]

The success story of… Maëlle Chassard

Maëlle Chassard – Co-founder of Lunii September 2018 A born entrepreneurWhen Maëlle Chassard at the end of her studies at the Paris design school, Strate, wrote her dissertation on imagination, she observed that children are using their imagination less and less. To counter the trend, she dreamed up a fun, interactive object designed to draw […]

The success story of… Laurence Lascary

Founder of “De l’autre côté du Périph” (DAPC) July 2018 An engaged womanAfter graduating from the Sorbonne with a Master’s in marketing and distribution in audiovisual arts, Laurence Lascary founded her audiovisual production company “De l’autre côté du Périph” (DAPC) in 2008. Her ambition was to promote a new generation of authors, proposing cosmopolitan works […]

3 questions for… Viviane de Beaufort

Professor – ESSEC Business School July 2018 Tell us about your careerPassionate about the European project, I began my career in Brussels, where after several jobs, I found my vocation: teaching and research. After my doctorate in law to begin a career as a professor, ESSEC offered me the post of professor-researcher in lobbying and European […]

The success story of… Juliette Soria

Managing Partner and Co-founder of Silamir April 2018 After graduating in political science, Juliette Soria started out as a financial auditor with Mazars before working as a consultant with several audit firms – and that’s where she met her future partner at Silmir, Muriel Figer.   Together, in parallel to their consulting work, they founded […]

3 questions for… Julie Le Cardinal

Professor-researcher at CentraleSupelec April 2018 What’s your background and what’s you role at CentraleSupélec?After graduating in mechanical engineer and industrial design, I joined Ecole Centrale Paris to write a doctoral thesis on dysfunctions in the decision-making process in industrial projects, with a focus on the choice of decision-makers. I’ve since supported a number of companies […]

The success story of… Béatrice Korsakissok

Deputy CEO, SYNTONY December 2017 After almost 15 years with Airbus, initially in marketing, then in strategy, communication, and as chief of-staff for the CEO, Béatrice Korsakissok decided to take up a new entrepreneurial adventure with her husband, Joël Korsakissok. Joël had lead the south-west region for Silicom, a telecoms consultancy, for 25 years when […]