How we take action

From the first mentoring programs to the virtual inter-company and inter-continental programs developed to adapt to the 2020 health environment, WIF continues its mission to promote women in business and in the economy overall.

  • Think Tank

    WIF is an ideas laboratory and an advocate for gender diversity, respect and recognition of women in the business world.

  • Mentoring

    WIF supports women entrepreneurs by providing them a mentor whose expertise answers the development and achievement issues they have in France, Europe, the USA and Singapore.

  • Studies

    WIF carries out European, American and Canadian studies about male/female specificities related to management behaviors, belief and stereotypes.

  • Training

    WIF is involved in the design of training programs developed with the world's leading universities.

  • Active Network

    WIF develops a Global Circle Network of alumnae, mentors, strategic partners, corporate leaders, thought partners, and supporters.

  • Event Organization

    WIF organizes conferences and convenings, both in France, the United States, Canada and Singapore.

  • Transatlantic Program

    WIF launched a transatlantic program in the United States (2017) and in Canada (2018) designed for French women entrepreneurs wishing to develop their business there and vice-versa.

  • Philanthropy

    Our foundation relies on donation, pro-bono, and experience sharing