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For Diversity and the Promotion of Women in Economic Life

For a real and profitable diversity, which is essential in a changing world, we must go faster and further. Companies will be able to turn the corner by relying on transparent data and helping minority talents access positions where they can express themselves and flourish.
Martine Liautaud
Founder and President, Women Initiative Foundation (WIF)

Our Mission

The mission of the Women Initiative Foundation is to promote women in business and the economy overall.
WIF aims at advancing women at all levels of the company and breaking the glass ceiling they face, in their income or their career.
Women Initiative Foundation is international with a presence in France, Europe, the USA, Canada and Singapore.

Our Vision

It is a world in which women could give their full potential in business, the economy and society. A world based on values that can ensure sustainable development for the benefit of future generations. We believe that women are the agents of change in the years to come and that they will be at the origin of social transformations that will benefit both men and women tomorrow.

Our Key figures


Women entrepreneurs mentored for 10 years


Yearly invitations to private gatherings and events


Studies on managerial behavior and gender stereotypes in business and entrepreneurship in Europe, the United States and Canada


Program attendees, each year

Our News

Launch of our second intercompany mentoring program in Singapore with 28 mentors and mentees.

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