Entrepreneurial support program

This program of support for women entrepreneurs is at the origin of WIF. It is aimed at women entrepreneurs who have created or taken over their company more than three years ago and have a minimum turnover of one million euros.

Stanford Women Entrepreneur Program
In 2015, WIF and BNP Paribas Wealth Management launched the Women Entrepreneur Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business held annually on the Stanford campus (California, USA).
Which objectives?

This program aims to connect women entrepreneurs with new ideas, new people, new places and new business opportunities. It is about creating connections between them, to allow their development beyond the financial aspect. They benefit from professional support and can network internationally. This exclusive program has been designed to combine knowledge, skills acquisition and development.

For whom?

These women entrepreneurs are selected for their own experience and their growing businesses with strong international potential. They come from many countries: Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey. They represent a variety of industries including education, hospitality, healthcare, retail, fashion, film production, hygiene, data capture, navigation solutions, consulting, online tourism, manufacturing, real estate and food.

Which program?
This densely packed week is built on three pillars:

The Stanford Program highlights our commitment to understand, support and celebrate women entrepreneurs. Over the course of this 4-year initiative, it provided more than 150 women with training from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and personal and professional development.