Managing Partner and Co-founder of Silamir

April 2018

After graduating in political science, Juliette Soria started out as a financial auditor with Mazars before working as a consultant with several audit firms – and that’s where she met her future partner at Silmir, Muriel Figer.
Together, in parallel to their consulting work, they founded Sekkia in 2006, an end-to-end services provider for company employees. They then threw themselves 100% into a new adventure, Silamir, which was launched in 2011.
Silamir supports companies with major transformation projects, digital or otherwise, from the perspective of user- and employee-experience. “We have a pluri-disciplinary approach which consists in combining strategic thinking and operational roadmaps with our skills in design, tech, data and strategy… our team has a wide variety of backgrounds”, Juliette Soria points out.
In 6 years Silamir has grown from 2 to 100 people, and is still growing. She followed up, “We work with large and second-tier companies in various sectors”. “We’re currently looking to diversify our offer with talent from the tech sector, it’s an industry in constant movement where each new technology needs to be understood and integrated.”

It was in this high growth context that mentoring seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. After an initial experience with France’s Entrepreneurial Mentoring Institute in 2014, Juliette Soria met Martine Liautaud at a BNP Paribas-sponsored evening. She began the WIF program at the end of 2017, with Laurent Kocher, SVP at Keolis, as her mentor.

“I meet Laurent Kocher each month to discuss the major challenges and issues we face at Silamir; his non-judgemental, benevolent posture helps us a lot in developing our strategic vision.”

Juliette Soria has since striven to develop this mentoring culture in her circles, and has convinced several people of its value. “I like the idea of passing on what I’ve been given – that’s why in turn I’d like to commit to helping other entrepreneurs”.

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