Why did you get involved with WIF?

I wanted BNP Paribas Personal Finance to become involved with WIF for several reasons. First of all,
because this partnership demonstrates our conviction in bringing the subject of diversity and gender
equality to the level of top management. It will also contribute to developing a more inclusive
culture that is connected to the challenges of society, while promoting collective intelligence, well-
being at work and company performance. The training programs offered by WIF, in partnership with
high-level institutes, contribute to the development of our employees and to the change of mindset.
The fact that the virtual programs are open to both men and women and that some specific
programs are also aimed at young women without a strong academic background who want to
exploit their potential is an important aspect for us.

How does this support fit in with your company’s strategy?

BNP Paribas has been committed for several years to advancing gender diversity within the
organization. At BNP Paribas Personal Finance, diversity and inclusion are a structuring pillar of our
HR strategy. We are convinced that in order to advance gender diversity, we need to approach it
from two angles: firstly, we need to work on changing the ecosystem to make it more inclusive, and
secondly, we need to support women in building ambitious careers and authentic leadership. This
partnership is completely in line with this strategy and will feed these ambitions.

What results do you expect from this partnership?

We hope that the people trained will be able to embody inclusive and authentic leadership, in line
with their professional ambitions. We also expect them to drive change in the company, to act as
ambassadors for a more inclusive culture.

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