January-February 2022: Berkeley IBI Leadership Master Classes

This pioneering program created with the UC Berkeley Institute for Business Innovation will kick off on January 25, 2022. Led by world-renowned thought leaders and professors, the seven sessions of Equip your Leadership for a New World will be focused on concrete solutions and new levers of competitiveness that will enable sustainable and human growth. […]

Getting more women into science: a necessity, solutions

By Martine Liautaud Women are in the extreme minority in the basic sciences, where the percentage of women technicians fluctuates between 20% and 30% in the most developed countries. Deploring it is not a question of ethics or fairness, but of simple logic: since gender has no impact on intellectual ability, this disparity means that […]

Transparency, networks, jobs: the keys to diversity that works

Opinion Ed. – Martine Liautaud, Founder of the Women Initiative Foundation As the economy recovers, companies have few certainties they can count on. Or rather they have two that don’t make things any easier. The first is that they are caught up in the relentless march of technological innovation, that takes them on an exhausting […]