CEO and co-founder of PingFlow

March 2017

When she was just 23 years old, Claire Jolimont dived into her entrepreneurial adventure with her brother Alexandre. They created PingFlow in 2012, a digital visual management solution for businesses.

Claire met Annie Combelles four years later at the G20 YEA summit in Beijing. Annie Combelles, coordinator of the 2016 summit and WBMI mentor, offered to support Claire in developing PingFlow. Since then the two company leaders have built a trusting relationship punctuated with advice and look-backs.

In less than a year, Annie’s commitment has already borne fruit as Claire dares more in developing her company. Claire’s ambition is inspired by her mentor, a true role model who imposed her ideas in the industrial sector.

“Without the WBMI and Annie Combelles, I’d never have been as ambitious in my hypotheses. That enabled me to set development priorities that I possibly wouldn’t have allowed myself to do previously. I no longer self-censor myself!”

Confident in PingFlow’s management, Claire now plans to raise funds to become an established publisher of visual management solutions in the corporate, aeronautical and industrial sectors, and launch a new product range.

In July, Claire is joining the 3rd intake of the Women Entrepreneur Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business; the program will surely help her to grow as a company leader.

On 2nd March 2017, Xavier Bertrand, President of France’s northern “Hauts-de-France” Region, inaugurated Stelia Aerospace’s factory of the future and showcased the new Airbus A320 workshop, equipped with PingFlow solutions.

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