June 2023: Sparking Innovation: Inclusion, Collaboration and Teams

The new edition of our program developed with Stanford Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab starts on June 13.This 2023 edition has been renewed and enriched with new modules. Melissa Jones will lead a session dedicated to the complex dynamics of power to better understand situations and people and to benefit from the talent of each one. […]

May 2023: Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders Program

This program dedicated to improving leadership and team or project management skills was held in Montreal from May 14 to 19.For six days, the twenty or so participants benefited from the expertise and complementary cultures of Mc Gill Executive and CentraleSupélec Exed on these subjects.The teachings, meetings and exceptional moments make this program a unique […]

WIF New York

Michèle Sicard joins the Foundation, she is in charge of operations for the East Coast of the United States. Read more about Michèle Sicard