Louise Connor

Co-founder of Global Beginnings

Louise Connor is co-founder of the consulting partnership, Global Beginnings, which translates the U.S. fashion market for international brands. Since its inception in 2011, Global Beginnings has introduced the U.S. childrenswear market to clients from Paris to Bogota to Sydney. Clients are as diverse as the Paris based trade show, Playtime, to European and South American trade commissions and private companies from Peru and Turkey.

Ms. Connor began her career in the fashion industry founding The Showroom, Inc. which represents global childrenswear firms in the U.S. market. As President of The Showroom, Inc. she developed a coveted group of brands which have grown in importance to the U.S. consumer. Presently companies represented by The Showroom are, Mayoral from Spain, Petit Lem from Canada, Rose Pistol from Colombia, Planet Sea from Brazil and Books to Bed from the U.S. In past years brands she developed won multiple Earnie awards, the childrenswear industry awards. In 2016 Ms. Connor received the Earnie’s highest accolade, the Earnie for continuous excellence.

As an adjunct professor at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York she taught the business of showroom management. Additionally through the State University of New York she received several grants to create a series of workshops for small businesses in the childrenswear sector.

Ms. Connor holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina , as well as a Master’s Degree from Columbia University, New York in Counseling Psychology.