Jean-Jacques Bérard

President of CSM Consult

Jean-Jacques Berard began his career in the sales department of Radial in Germany. Then, after graduating from Stanford University with an MBA, he spent 6 years with McKinsey, where he carried through strategy and organi-sational projects in the industrial and distribution sectors in both France and Germany.

Alter leaving McKinsey, Jean-Jacques Bérard then spent 12 years in senior management positons, initially in the Merlin Gerin / Schneider Group, where he started up, and spent 8 years developing, a new activity : electronic inverters for the micro computer industry, which subsequently became the market leader in Europe. Three years after he had left the company, this actually was spun off into a subsidiary (MGE-UPS) and was later one of the most successful LBOs of the 1990s.

In 1989, Jean-Jacques Bérard became Chief Executive of Ordo, a medium-sized family company bought by the Pinault Group. After successfully diversifying Ordo’s activity and taking it into Europe, he then carried out a restructuration of the company, as it had been badly hit by the economic crisis of 1991 to 1992. It was at this time that he introduced, for the first time in France, a 36 hour week ; he then negotiated the sale of Ordo to its American competitor, Haworth.

In November 1993, Jean-Jacques Bérard joined EIM, where he introduced the concept of change management and subsequently, in 1995, arranged the company’s buyout by his partners in the Egon Zehnder Group. He was Chief Executive of the EIM Paris office from 1998 to 2008, and during his 15 years with EIM, he oversaw 300 projects in all sectors of activity : industrial, distribution, and services, both in France and on an international level. Today, EIM, with its 15 offices around the world, is the international market leader.

In April 2009, Jean-Jacques Bérard set up CSM Consult, which offers tailored advice on stra-tegy, organisation and HR issues to managers and shareholders during the critical phases of their companies’ development : acquisition/disposal/merger ; start-up or development phases ; recovery or restructuration.

Jean-Jacques Bérard graduated from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, with a degree in Electronical Engineering, and he holds an MBA from Stanford University. He speaks both English and German fluently, and is a member of the Association du Retoumement des Entreprises (Company Turna-round Association).

Jean-Jacques Bérard is married and has three children ; his hobbies include tennis and golf.