Jane Chen

Co-Founder of Embrace

Company Profile

  • Social enterprise that produces Thermpod, a low-cost infant warmer
  • Value proposition – unlike traditional incubators, which cost @$20,000, Thermpod costs @$200, has no moving parts and is portable, safe and intuitive to use


“Through my experience with an equipment foundation in Tanzania, I saw many people lose their lives because they weren’t able to adapt medicine or technology. I decided that it was my personal mission to try to democratize health care for the poor people of the world.”

“I think it’s really important as an entrepreneur to never lose sight of your purpose, your moral compass. If you get caught up in the leaves trying to make numbers or payroll, you can decide it’s not worth it.”

Benefits of having a mentor

“There’s no way I could have done what I did alone. I had advisors in India, advisors in the United States and in Stanford with a bunch of really powerful alumni. Those people were incredibly helpful in introducing us to the right people, getting things off the ground. I’ve had personal mentors along the way.”