Émilie Creuzieux

Founder Monbento

Company profile

  • Producer of aesthetically pleasing and functional lunch boxes
  • Sold through the web to 40 countries in Europe, North America, Brazil & Asia
  • Value Proposition: Fresh, customizable design adapted to each market. Good for the planet; saves waste.

Reasons for wanting a mentor

Monbento was growing fast. When creating subsidiaries in the U.S. and Hong Kong, Emile wanted advice about international issues and HR questions.

Benefits of having a WBMI mentor

“I wanted to place the right people in the right positions and to sort out all of the problems. WBMI thought about mentors who could manage the HR question and the issues of international growth.”

“Mentoring doesn’t give you a solution or say what you have to do, but helps you to clarify the key issues or identify the right people. It’s useful to surround yourself with other chief executives who have already been through the steps.”