Anne-Cécile Worms

Founder & President of ArtJaws, Founder & CEO Art2M

Anne-Cécile Worms, graduated from Paris Institut d’Etudes Politiques, is a serial entrepreneur in the
fields of art & innovation.
She has been publishing MCD, the printed Magazine of Digital Cultures, from 2003 to 2016 with
thematic issues such as “The Open Future”, “Change Money”, “Digital Africa”, “Net Art”, …
Anne-Cécile Worms founded the start-up Art2M (Art to Machine) in 2009, specialized in the
production and distribution of exclusive digital artworks and innovative design. Based on an
international network of artists, designers and engineers, Art2M has been producing connected
objects, exclusive artworks and events bound to the art & technologies. In June 2014, Anne-Cécile
Worms launched Makery, the online media for all labs, to cover the dynamism and give out
information on the emergence of a scene of labs: fablabs, hackerspaces, biohacklabs, living labs, …
Where the future is fabricated. <>. Art2M has been also producing MOOCs about
digital fabrication with Institut Mines-Telecom of Paris and is currently producing cyber-security
training courses.
In July 2015, AXA Strategic Ventures invested in Art2M to develop Makery and to launch a new
platform: ArtJaws, a unique online marketplace specialized in Art/Tech that offers artworks selected
by major curators and acquisition consulting services, giving art collectors the opportunity to acquire
works by artists whose reputation is on the rise. In November 2017, ArtJaws became a new start-up
co-founded by Anne-Cécile Worms and Ada Fizir, offering the most extensive online media arts
catalog with already more than 700 artworks coming from 27 countries. ArtJaws is giving
contemporary artists direct access to the art market worldwide, as well as media coverage through
its magazine and partnerships with institutions, museums, festivals… <>
Anne-Cécile Worms is an expert in digital arts and a qualified personality for the Institut Français.
In October 2018, she became the U.S East Coast Operations Director of the Women Initiative