The Women Initiative Foundation is pleased to invite you to a special conversation on “WOMEN IN AI”

The recent report “Cognitive Diversity: AI & the Future of Work” gives a positive view about “how can companies benefit from increased cognitive diversity, collaboration, creativity and innovation?”

AI has the potential to enhance collective intelligence and intellectual diversity, allowing human workers to do more diverse thinking, become more efficient, and undertake more creative, fulfilling labour. (…) [For Example], In recruitment, managers could set criteria for “cognitive diversity” (seeking people with different academic and cultural backgrounds) when conducting a job search and allow AI to suggest candidates. This could eliminate remaining hiring biases in favour of white males.

However, this future is still distant and we saw how some renowned companies abandoned AI recruitment software because it was biased against women. In artificial intelligence research teams, we need more women, and we need them to play a more significant role to influence how technologies are developed. How do we go about increasing the participation of women in AI? How can we reduce cognitive bias in technology?

Cognitive Diversity: AI & The Future of Work by Tata communications, free download on Dialogue website
Fei-Fei Li’s Quest to make AI better for humanity
AI is the future but where are the women – Wired
Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women – Reuters

Anne-Cécile WORMS
Director, East Coast Operations – Women Initiative Foundation
Founder & President of ARTJAWS.COM – Tech Arts for collectors!


Yann LeCun
VP & Chief AI Scientist at Facebook – NYC
Professor, researcher, and R&D manager with academic and industry experience in AI, machinelearning, deep learning, computer vision, intelligent data analysis, data mining, data compression, digital library systems, and robotics. Specialties: research, technical consulting, scientific advising.

Patricia Georgiou
Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Jigsaw – NYC
Leading partnerships and business development for Jigsaw, Google’s think-tank / tech incubator. Using technology to fight censorship, online harassment and terrorism.

Pascal Belaud
Technical Sales Director for Data Platform, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft
Pascal Belaud is a 20 years Microsoft veteran. He has been working in multiple roles at both Microsoft France and Microsoft New York including promoting technologies to the Developer community, Academics and Press in France as well as speaking at very large conference keynotes.

This breakfast gathers WIF Transatlantique Mentoring Program community.
We’ll also have the opportunity to visit the current exhibition, “BE STILL” with Makoto Fujimura, Minha Yang and Nikolai Makrov, at the Waterfall Mansion Gallery founded by a woman entrepreneur, Kate SHIN.

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Bank of the West – BNP Paribas & Maison Kayser, Waterfall Mansion Gallery, ARTJAWS.COM

Mon, December 10, 2018
8:15 AM – 10:00 AM EST

Waterfall Mansion Gallery
170 E 80th St
New York, New York 10075
United States