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Why It Matters

“Since Publicis Groupe wishes to retain these talented women, it considers it essential that the women be heard, helped and supported in their reflections and in their work.”
Maurice Levy, Chairman & CEO, Publicis Groupe
“Study after study has shown that having more women on boards and in senior leadership, on average, improves financial performance, drives innovation and enables organizations to better serve their customers. Our research shows that women often lack access to influential sponsors and hot jobs – those highly visible, mission-critical roles that predict advancement.”
Deborah Gillis, President & CEO of Catalyst

Publicis Groupe VivaWomen! Program

The aims of the mentoring program at Publicis Group are talent retention and women’s professional and personal development. Outcomes include increased motivation among employees and a reduced sense of isolation.

Excerpts from an interview with Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Publicis Groupe.

“The first outcome is self-confidence. And this has repercussions in a range of work-related areas: greater confidence in internal relationships, a better understanding of teams and teamwork, more effective management systems…and greater confidence in relationships with clients.”

“The mentees feel more motivated and stimulated in their work.”

“The mentoring program’s main feature is that it matches mentees…and mentors…from different subsidiaries, so as to create neutrality and equality in the mentoring relationship.”


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