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Why it matters

“Studies demonstrate that gender diversity and equality of opportunity can increase our overall performance as a company.”
Gerard Mestrallet, Chairman of ENGIE
“We are living in…a world undergoing profound changes, which requires greater agility, daring and cohesion. Women have a decisive role to play here.”
Valérie Bernis, Executive V.P., ENGIE

Mentoring by ENGIE

The aim of the mentoring program at ENGIE is to facilitate women’s access to senior posts. 37% of the mentees participating in ENGIE’s pilot mentoring program were promoted by the end of the program.

Excerpts from an interview with Gerard Mestrallet, Chairman of ENGIE

“When they hit the glass ceiling, high-potential women in ENGIE were either not breaking through or were leaving the group.”

“At the end of ENGIE’s one-year mentoring program, 37% of mentees progressed in their careers; some changed their posts and took on more responsibilities, while others became role models in their departments. The mentors acquired mentoring skills and strengthened their managerial skills.”

“The program was transformational within ENGIE, not only for the mentors and mentees, but for all colleagues. Mentoring has led to a change in mind-sets by creating a snowball effect, which has moved quickly beyond the players immediately involved in the program. The virtuous circle has generated a positive image on the Internet, and mentalities have changed, with more men now aware of women as leaders.”


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