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Why It Matters

“The country that does the best job of mobilizing women will end up performing better.”
Karen Peetz, President of BNY Mellon
“If the clients making the decisions are women, then you need to have women in your company…who mirror that client base. Companies can benefit from the management style and traits women are known for.”
Jean Wynn, Managing Director, BNY Mellon’s Office of the President

BNY Mellon Bank – Women’s Initiative Network and Reverse Mentoring Program

The aims of the BNY Mellon Bank’s multi-faceted Mentoring Program are talent retention, connectivity and networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and bottom line performance. The outcomes are dramatic:

  • 100% increase in the number of women in the workforce (now 44% of the global workforce)
  • 36% of vice presidents are women
  • 26% of managing directors are women; 19% of the Executive Committee are women

Excerpts from an interview with Karen Peetz, President of BNY Mellon Bank

“Certainly anybody who can run a career and run a family has to be pretty organized. And the female approach can be hugely helpful to traditionally male bastions such as business.”

“The #1 obstacle (preventing women from attaining key decision-making posts) is lack of sponsors, a sponsor being someone who is in the room with the power to actually do something for you. The second obstacle is lack of role models. The other inhibitors…are two categories of prejudice…The first one is prejudice about women and preconceived notions about what they can do or want to do – stereotypes. The second factor is prejudice about ourselves – the limiting thoughts or horizons that many women have.”

BNY Mellon’s Reverse Mentoring Program

“The Reverse Mentoring Program is a way for more seasoned individuals to think about (how to) make BNY Mellon, which is traditional company, more appealing for millennials. It’s an opportunity for me to understand what they view as important – what they’re looking for and what challenges they’re experiencing. The Reverse Mentoring Program is an opportunity to grow our high-end millennial talent.”

– Jeff Kuhn, Executive V.P. BNY Mellon, Reverse Mentee.


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