Mentees and Mentors

An Example of a Mentor and his Mentee

Pioneering woman entrepreneur, Laetitia Gazel-Anthoine, has already paved the way for this program in 2016.

Ms. Gazel-Anthoine is the Founder and CEO of Connecthings, a technology firm with a unique approach to the Internet of Public Things maximizing the engagement of cities with their citizens using the existing mobile applications. Having founded Connecthings in 2007, Ms. Gazel Anthoine was a mentee in the French WBMI program in 2011 where she advanced in 4 ways.

By 2016, the firm was already operating in more than 30 Smart Cities across Europe and Brazil, when Ms. Gazel Anthoine knew she needed to locate in the US for at least one year to launch in the US market. She did so, in early 2016 with vital support from an terrific US-based mentor, Roy Camblin, who was specially identified and matched for Ms. Gazel-Anthoine and Connecthings by WIF/WBMI.

Some of our Mentees and Mentors

The WIF Steering Committee is responsible for matching the Mentor with the appropriate Mentee. However, the Mentor / Mentee pair is responsible for the success of their relationship, which is based on mutual trust, openness and honesty: the relationship between the pair is essentially a relationship of trust; in addition, the Mentor and Mentee are required to comply fully with the principles outlined in the WIF Charter.