General Conditions of Use


Users of the website are advised that cookies are likely to be installed on their computer. These cookies do not identify the user, but they can record how your computer browses the site. Cookies from facilitate your browsing experience.

Third-party Cookies, designed to enhance site interactivity

The site uses services from third-party sites, notably Share buttons (Facebook) and Google Analytics audience measuring tools. These functionalities use third-party cookies directly introduced by these services. When you visit a banner informs you that cookies are used. You can choose to refuse third-party cookies by modifying the settings in your web browser. If you do so, some features of our site, such as the Facebook Share button or the interactive Google maps, will not work.

How to block cookies

You can choose to disactivate cookies at any moment. Here’s how to refuse cookies by default depending on the browser you use:

If you use Firefox::
Click on the menu button and select Options.
Select Privacy and then Web History.
In the scroll down menu next to the conversion Rules, choose Use settings to customize web history.
Uncheck the Accept cookies box to disactivate cookies.
In the “Accept third-party cookies” drop-down list, select “never”.
Close the Preferences page; the modifications you made will saved automatically.

If you use Chrome:
On the top-right hand corner, click on Personalize Google Chrome (3 dots), and then on Settings.
At the bottom of the list, click on Advanced Settings.
In the “Confidentiality and security” section, click on Content settings.
Click on Cookies.
Disactivate the option “Authorize site to save and read cookie data”.
Click on “OK” to validate.

If you use Internet Explorer:
Select the Tools button, then Internet Options.
Select the Confidentiality tab, then in Settings, select Advanced.
Check the box, “Ignore automatic cookie management”, then select “Refuse” in the column “Third-party cookies”.