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About Mentoring

High level Support for Women Executives

Mentoring, a Key Success


Through its voluntary mentors, WOMEN INITIATIVE FOUNDATION provides a toolkit of skills and strategies that can be used in all the stages of a new company’s growth.

Our mentors are women and men who have succeeded in their own businesses and are experts in their fields. Each mentoring relationship is tailored to the entrepreneur’s unique needs and objectives.



Founded in 2010, the Women’s Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI) is today the largest and most successful program of its kind in France.

Transatlantic Mentorship Program

Starting in 2017, the Transatlantic Mentorship Program supports French entrepreneurs who are ready to enter the North American market, and North American entrepreneurs who are ready to enter the EU market, via Paris. Mentees gain an invaluable instant network of influential, high-level support as they enter the new market.


Years of life, the requirement for Companies to be mentored


Women Entrepreneurs supported since 2010


Yearly invitations to private gatherings and events


Women entrepreneurs attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business the WIF/BNP executive training week

Mentors Charter

  • All Mentors, both men and women, work on a voluntary basis and share the same philosophy and values: to support women who have a transparent and environmentally friendly business project to create value and employment for society.
  • The Mentors undertake to provide advice in their respective fields of expertise, to provide access to their networks, to share their experiences, and to prepare the Mentees, both psychologically and technically, for the main stages in the creation and development of a business project.
  • The Mentors can, if need be, call upon the expertise of another WBMI Mentor.
  • The Mentors undertake to devote the necessary time and energy to the Mentoring Programme, and to support the Mentees.
  • The Mentors undertake to respect the confidentiality of the Mentees and of their business projects.

Mentees Charter

  • The Mentees shall benefit from regular and tailored discussions with their Mentors over a period of 6 to 9 months.
  • The Mentees undertake to identify their needs as accurately as possible from the outset of the mentoring relationship.
  • The Mentees undertake to participate fully in the relationship with their Mentor and to voice any doubts or questions they may have as they arise.
  • The Mentees undertake to listen to and accept all the Mentor’s comments and suggestions in a constructive manner.
  • The Mentees undertake to respect their Mentor’s commitment and to keep the Mentor updated on developments following the end of the mentoring period.