Laetitia Gazel-Anthoine

Laetitia Gazel-Anthoine

CEO and founder Connecthings

Laetitia is the founder and CEO of Connecthings

Connecthings is a French multinational software company with dual headquarters in Paris, France and New York City, New York, that operates contactless smart city technology, including Bluetooth and NFC beacons, as well as SaaS management platforms. The company specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT) tech market, and partners with municipalities and transit authorities to connect passive, public objects with mobile users.

Connecthings was founded in July 2007 by Laetitia Gazel Anthoine and currently operates in six countries - France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and The United States.

Laetitia is member of INRIA board, the only French public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences.

After the 3rd anniversary of Connecthings, Laetitia was selected to follow WIF's mentoring program. After a fruitful experience, Laetitia was also mentored by an american mentor during the opening of her company in the US and is now proud be a mentor within WIF.

She is highly involved in the the Women Initiative Foundation Bureau of New-York.